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Welcome to Special Notice #046

From Work Boats International

& Landing

The start of year 2010 has unfortunately brought with it one of the most devastating natural disasters planet Eearth has seen in many years. Our concern and prayers go out to the good people on the Island nation of Haiti. As is so painfully often the case in these situations, immediate critical assistance has been too slow for many and caused the situation to sink into an even more perilous event. We have been approached by many organizations from around the world in the last few days for all types of Work Boats and Landing Crafts that are suitable for both immediate assistance and longer term rebuilding efforts. We are doing our best with our worldwide network of trusted associates to provide quality options for vessels that fill the needs of these critical and specialized aspects of emergency assistance and longer term rebuilding as it applies to coastal areas. Our crew in the Caribbean continues to locate workable vessels as close to ground zero as possible. Our offerings in this issue are an unusual collection of available and specialized vessels, each built to provide part of the solution to the multifaceted challenges before us.


Reference ID: WLC#501
Large Landing Craft Ideal for Transporting Containers – Cars – Tucks - Equipment, Cargo

Built: 1974 rebuilt 1994, 2007 DWT 800, Dim. 76.95 / 17.00 / 2.56, Main Engines: 2 x 1,000 BHP, Speed 12 knots, Crew Cabins: 8 with 20 berths Vessel is in Class and has undergone massive refurbishment at great expense! Location Caribbean.
Price: USD $2,000,000.


Reference ID: BCS #973

 Accommodation Crane Ship - 120 Tons

Built: 1985 DWT 1,060, Dim. 57.6/ 17.00 / 3.00, Main Engines X 2 Nigata IronWorks Diesels, Gross/Net: 658/197 Deck cargo Space: 400 M2 Accommodation: 50, Mooring System: 6 Points, Main Crane: SKK-1700DT-AS Hook Capacity: 120 tons @ 8.3 m. A Self contained ship that can cruise at 6 knots. Extensive list of gear. Please write for more info:
Location: Persian Gulf
Price: USD $5,250,000.

Vessel Reference Code: DVS#241

This barge can: Make Freshwater out of Seawater, Purify dirty Water to Potable Water
 Two separate (can work individually) reverse osmosis water purification units that filter and desalinate sea water with an installed chlorination system. Total capacity freshwater making 1,353 tons per 24 hours, Manufactured in USA 1985 acc US Navy standards
Barge 36.57 x 10.05 x 3.2 m - draft 1.52 m
4 point mooring with hydraulic winches and anchors. Delivery Hose 762 m, 1 x Chlorine Manufacturing plant. Auxiliary Engines 2 x Caterpillar with 155 kW generators, 2 x new Caterpillar spare engines
Workshop and crew accommodation.

Location: Northern Europe
 Price Euro 525.000


Vessel Reference Code: MTB#711

 Tug and Barge Combo – Caribbean

 Tug: Built 1972 Italy, LOA 27 m, Bam: 7 m, Max Draft: 3.8 m, Main Engine Polar Nohab 2,100 BHP Full Electronics and A/C.

Barge: Built 1994 USA to ABS standard, Load lined for 2,700 mt, LOA 200 ft. Beam: 54 ft. Molded Draft:14 ft. Loaded Draft 12 ft. Ramp: 60 ft. long on Bow is said to be very good, very strong, virtually new, with good, new hoist system also. Deck needs some steel work.

All details believed correct BWG.

Location: Caribbean
Price: USD $850,000

Vessel Reference Code: DVS#246

Sea Going Concrete Production Ship

Built: 1977 rebuilt 2008, Class B.V. DWT: 3,241, Gross/Net: 1,788/1,045 Dim. 81.35/13.5/m Max Loaded Draft 6.53 m Main Engine 1X3,000 BHP, Speed 10 knots, She is designed to operate 24 hours a day on location with a minimum crew (5 per shift) working 12 hour shifts. Vessel is as new and ready for work.

Location: Northern Europe
Price: €4,500,000.

Vessel Reference Code: SGRH #777

RoRo, LoLo Combination Tanker – Heavy Lift
Rare Combination of: Dry Cargo - Grain – Tanker – RoLo - Heavy Lift Ship

Built: 1979, Germany, Dim. 93m/18m/ Max Loaded draft 5.7m DWT: 5,100 on 4.55m draft, Gross/Net: 4,271/1,905 main Engine: Caterpillar 3606 ( Installed New 1994) 3,240  BHP, Stern Ramp 10 X 8M 175 ton Capacity, Cranes: Two 360 degree Rotating Hydraulic Cranes 25 Ton each, together total lifting cap. Is 45 Tons, Vessel can Carry abt. 280 TEUs + Cargo Oil of: 5,552 Barrels.

Location: Caribbean
Price: USD $1,200,000.

Canadian Ex-Military Ship – Ice Class

Built: 1966 Complete Rebuild 1988-89, DWT 1,190, Gross/Net: 751/188, Dim. 55m/9.44m/3.32m max. Main Engines: Two Fairbanks Morse 1,280  BHP EACH rebuilt 1997-98 very low hours app. 1500 Total HP 2,560, Ice Class 3, Vessel is fast and very economical to operate. Aux. 3 Caterpillar Each 215 kw 440v 60 cycle. Flag Antigua. Last Dry-Dock 2008 Bottom is like new!

Location: Caribbean

Price: USD $2,000,000


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