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This particular vessel is no longer available HOWEVER we have other similar vessels that may suit your needs. Please fill up the contact form and tell us what you require and we will do our best to find your ship!





Vessel Reference Code: JEB491

Vessel Type: Self-Propeled Mini Barge For Sale

50-Foot Tug Pusher Boat

Steel construction, 15 ft. Beam with Pilot House Aft, Spoon Bow Design. Built by Marinette Marine Corporation of Marinette, Wisconsin in 1986. Vessel used for a short time only.

Power By: Two remanufactured Detroit Marine Diesel Engines, with total of 500 BHP (250 HP each, type 671N), Heat Exchanger Cooling System with "Jabsco" Type Positive Displacement Water Pumps. Marine Water Cooled Exhaust Manifolds and Stainless Steel Water Cooled Mufflers.

   Marine transmission are "Twin Disc" Model MG-509 Reduction and Reverse with Oil Coolers.

   24 Volt Electric Starter Motors and Battery Charging Alternators Mounted. All new batteries mounted.

   New hoses and special heavy-duty clamps on stuffing boxes plus all new cutless bearings on propeller shafts in struts.

   She has been sandblasted inside and outside recently. Total of four coats of paint applied.

   All new instruments plus new throttle and shift controls operate perfectly. New Captain's seat mounted.

All details are given in good faith BWG.



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