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Vessel Reference Code:STLS1394

Vessel Type: Seismic Research Vessel

DP II Ice Clas Survey Vessel


Coverted To 3D Seismic:
66 m
3080 t

She has been equipped to operate in different acquisition modes including towed streamer (2D and 3D) OBC (ocean bottom cables), EM (electromagnetic acquisition) and other new types of seabed acquisition. This is possible due to the multi functional design and equipment found onboard.

We like to call her a “geophysical toolbox” because in additional to the advanced seismic kit the vessel has dynamic positioning, ample remotely operated vehicle (ROV) handling areas, and USBL acoustics for deep sea positioning, to mention a few.

Our close Norwegian friends with business in Singapore are talking to the bank who now owns this vessel and they would be interested in a colaboration with BUYER for their seismic work.
They have a specialist team for this sort of work and own some vessels themselves.
They have hired the operations manager who used to work for the previous owner of this vessel and hence have full knowledge about her.

Price + detailed info + collaboration against named interests

All details are given in good faith but without guarantee.

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