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Vessel Reference Code: JDS1035

Vessel Type: ROV Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle



The technical specification herein described is regarded to the ROV, a workclass multi-purpose vehicle, equipped with 2 manipulators and a set of ROV tooling. This system was designed and built by Perry Tritech.

ROV has a 100 SHP hydraulic power unit and is capable to interface multiple tools and optional equipment due to the availability of several hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and electronic built-in interfaces.

Perry Tritech
Depth Capability:
2000 MWS
Payload Capability:
150 kg
2900 mm
1440 mm
1700 mm
3240 kg
6061-T6 Aluminum with SS316 bolts
Power Source:
420 - 460 VAC; 60 HZ; 380 kVA (including HPUs of Winch and LARS)120 kVA (vehicle only)
1 x 100 HP electrical motor / hydraulic pump for propulsion and tooling
Electric Motor:
Curvertech; 3000 VAC / 60 Hz / 3 phases / 100 HP (power at the shaft)
Main Pump:
Rexroth A10 VSO-140DFR / 31R-PPB-12N00
Total of 7 thrusters: 2 lateral, 2 longs e 3 vertical.

Thrusters Innerspace with hydraulic motor Rexroth A2FM16/16W-VBB040

Auto Functions:
Heading, Depth, Altitude
Trim Functions:
Horizontal trim (pitch +- 10 graus)
Video Capability:
3 video channels via. F.O. transmission; Interfaces of focus / zoom for 3 cameras

Cameras: 1 x Kongsberg Simrad OE 1367 CCD colour w/ zoom
1 x Kongsberg Simrad OE 1324 SIT
1 x B&W DeepSea MSC 1050 CCD mini-camera

6 x DeepSea 6000m, 120 VAC, 250W
Heading Sensor:
Seatex MRU-4
Pitch & Roll Sensor:
Humphrey pendulum sensors
Depth Sensor:
Pressure transducer (Scantronics)
Altimetro Mesotech MS1007
Sonar Mesotech MS971
Alarms & Monitoring:
Ground Fault Detector (Megacon), Hydraulic oil level, pressure & temperature, Water ingress detection.
Pan & Tilt System:
-1000 psi
Acoustic Tracking:
Responder channel for Transponder / Beacon compatible with vessel acoustic system
6 servo-valve for vehicle propulsion (thrusters).
5 solenoid valves for tooling

Main pressure sensor
Oil temperature sensor
Water ingress sensor

8 solenoid valves for manipulator 1 functions;
water ingress sensor
8 solenoid valves for manipulator 2 functions;
water ingress sensor
Manipulator 1:
5FL-CX-5 (5 funcions rated)
Maximum Reach:
1645 mm
Maximum load at full extension:
180 kgf
Maximum Torque:
25 kgf. m
Manipulator 2:
7FL-CX-7 (7 functions rated)
Maximum Reach:
1785 mm
Maximum load at full extension:
100 kgf
Maximum Torque:
14 kgf.m
Survey Interface:
Survey junction box
Data multiplex 4 channels RS232/485
Control System:
CPU Pentium 800Mhz subsea & surface

Telemetry via twisted pair of fibre optics
RS485 / 100 kbps protocol
Video data multiplexer model 907 - Focal

Signal Interface: Surface:
16 Ch Analog In
10 Ch Analog Out
80 Ch Digital In
32 Ch Digital Out

32 Ch Analog In
18 Ch Analog Out
48 Ch Digital In
80 Ch Digital Out

ROV Control Van:
Complete Control Van 20' Container with office desk
ROV Workshop:
20' Container for ROV Workshop with complete package of spares and tools
TMS / Garage:
Garage w/ 350 m of tether cable lenght
Tether normal capacity:
500 m with 31 mm OD

Telemetry by TP or Fiber Optics
Video Data Multiplex Focal Model 907
Brodersen Data Aquisition
01 B&W Camera DeepSea MSC 1050 w/ hydraulic Pan & Tilt
02 DeepSea Lights 120 V / 250W

Launching System:
A-Frame type with latching mechanism and rotating, Snubber
Load Capacity:
Norlau / Mac Artney with 1400 m of armored umbilical 37mmOD - Nexans
Umbilical normal capacity:
3,500m with 37mmOD
30m/min at 10th layer
Slip Ring:
TMS and Winch with Slip Ring Focal
Electrical and Optical - model 176 / 190 FORJ
Charge Cart:
Hydraulic Power Pack 25 HP; 440VCA / 3000 Psi / 70 Lpm
Water Jetting Tool:
TB1-L002-150 Psi / 45 Gpm
Brush Tool:
TE1-L002 - Brush 4"
Grinder Tool:
TC2 - 12" disc - 2200 rpm

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