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Research Vessels

Research vessels, also called RV or R/V, are ships specifically designed and equipped to conduct research at sea. There are several functions that a research vessel can perform. Some marine research vessels can perform sevaral various tasks. However, there are some tasks that require dedicated, highly specialized vessels. Ocean research vessels often endure tough sea conditions. That is why they are mostly constructed around icebreaker hulls to let them operate in the polar regions.

Looking for a ship to convert into a research vessel? We can help you. Contact us anytime and we'll respond within 24 hours.


Research Vessel For Sale

Research / Oceanographic Survey Vessel 1266 for Sale Offshore Supply Vessel Ice Classed thumb
Research / Oceanographic Survey Vessel Code:STLS1266 Offshore Supply Vessel Ice Classed Research Vessel CBR945

Sold Research Vessels

BCRV718 Thumb1 Sold STLS1263Thumb1 Sold SCC 751profile at Dock Sold STLS1287Thumb1 Sold
BCRV#718 Iced Classed Research Vessel Code:STLS1263 SCC#751 Offshore Work Boat Code:STLS1287
DP Survey Vessel Code:STLS1358 Research / Oceanographic Survey Vessel Code:STLS1265 Research Vessel JER#784 NED#444
Research Vessel Code:STLS1370 3 (Three) Units Multi-Purpose Research Vessels Code:STLS1300    




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