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Vessel Reference Code: CBR945

Vessel Type Research Vessel - Submersible Transport

Sub Type: Submersible Vessel Tender - Launch Platform and Mother Ship Ocean Research, Dive Support, Treasure Hunting, Salvage Work etc.

Built By: Albina Engine & Machine Works - Portland Or, United States: 1967
Maintained in First Class Condition her entire life.

Research Vessel's Profile

108’ ft.
39’ ft.
Max Loaded Draft:
6’ ft. m
Main Engines:
Twin (2) 8V71
Service Speed:
9 knots
20 gal/hr
Auxiliary Engines /Generators:
(2) 12V71 250 KW
(1) 3/71 30 KW 440/3
Fuel Oil Tanks:
10,000 us gal. (100,000 gal extra ballast storage)
Fresh Water:
2,700 Gal. + 50 gph Watermaker
Berthing for 15
Full Galley
Bow Thruster
Hydraulic Unit :
150 GPM
Sperry Gyro Auto Pilot
50 ton 35x25 Elevator
Deck Crane :
7.5 ton
6,800lb. Salvage Winch
260 sq.ft lab VAN (locked office space)

CBR 945 is no ordinary ship. Built in 1967 by Lockheed from plans provided by the CIA, it performed clandestine missions around the world for nearly thirty years before being decommissioned in the summer of 1997. Its missions involved deploying and recovering deep-sea submersibles, which the Navy was ostensibly developing as rescue vessels for its growing nuclear sub fleet, but, in actuality were often used as spy vessels, undertaking sea floor wiretapping missions and salvaging lost Soviet submarines and missiles.

She can hold Subs to 50 feet LOA Raised by her massive Elevator The metal grating that forms the decking between the twin hulls can be lowered 10’ below the water line. A crippled vessel can be towed over the grating and then lifted out of the water by the elevator, which is capable of hoisting
75 tons. The ship also has a separate crane that can lift 7.5 tons.

In addition, the CBR 945, which carries 10,000 gallons of fuel, is a Mobile Power Station. It can generate 530 kilowatts of electricity from Three Diesel Generators. It also has desalinization equipment that can make 50 gallons of fresh water an hour.

Vessel is ready for immediate inspection and delivery!

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Generator Room

Sub Launch

Pilot House