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Vessel Reference Code:STLS1207

Vessel Type: New Build Jack-Up Accommodation Barge For Sale

Jack-up barge 180 pax available Q2/2011


She is a dedicated accommodation Jack-Up design based on the MSC CJ series of Jack-Ups. In particular the Jack-Up is fitted with skirt type footings which provide the seabed fixation required to operate all year round in water depths up to 80 meters in a harsh (North Sea) environment. The design is suitable for wave heights of 23 meters on a site-specific basis and provides a basis for accommodation and work-over activities.

The present design basically consists of a triangular pontoon-shaped hull with a large accommodation deckhouse arrangement at the forward end of the unit and a free working deck aft, three open truss legs of 123 meters with skirted spudcans and three GustoMSC rack and pinion type elevating and fixation systems. The elevating and fixation systems are basically similar to the systems to be installed on the CJ46.

The 5 stories high triangular shaped accommodation deckhouse is arranged around the forward leg and provides permanent accommodation, catering and recreational facilities for 180 persons to Norsok standards, and includes a large office area with conference and meeting rooms. A pedestal crane (capacity 80 tons at 20 meters) with 48 meters boom is arranged at starboard, aft of the unit, with full coverage of the working deck and allowing for work-over activities on an adjacent platform.

Two auxiliary cranes are arranged at the aft jacking structures (PS and SB) allowing for full logistical services of the unit with the main crane being occupied. The cantilevered helicopter deck is situated at the forward end of the unit. The helicopter deck allows for use of an EH101 helicopter, the largest helicopter presently used in the North Sea area. The helicopter refueling bound is positioned close to the helicopter deck.


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