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Ice Breakers

IceBreaker Shipsare specially designed and built to operate for extended periods of time in extreme frozen conditions. They have extra strengthening added to the hull, with a thick steel ice belt all the way around the waterline, extra added internal ribbing, a hull shape that allows the ice to clear around the ship and superior power to drive the ship up onto the ice where the weight of the ship smashes down through it to clear the way.

From Polar Adventures and Daring Research Expeditions to the bare necessity of keeping commercial waterways and harbors open for smaller vessels to travel through in winter, The Ice Breaker Ship is invaluable to many and varied Polar Marine Endeavors.

If the Ice Breaker you need is not on these pages, please fill out the contact form with your requirements and we will find one for you within our network.


Ice Breakers For Sale

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Anchor Handling Tug / Supply Ice Breaker Vessel SIB3572 GRS#087 NIS#732 DBIB#743


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