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This particular vessel is no longer available HOWEVER we have other similar vessels that may suit your needs. Please fill up the contact form and tell us what you require and we will do our best to find your ship!





Vessel Reference Code: PPS#702

Vessel Type: Harbour Tug

Sub-type: 4 Ton BP Harbour Tug, Direct From Owners

Built: 1967, The Netherlands
LOA: 14.56 m
Length moulded: 14.06 m
Breadth: 4.60 m
Moulded Depth main deck: 4.25 m
Min. draught: 1.24 m
Max. draught: 1.75 m
Max. speed: 9 knots
Bollard pull ahead @ 100 % MCR: 4 ton.
Fresh water: 100 litres
Gas oil (abs. max. capacity): 6 m³
Engine: 1 x MAN diesel engine, type D2148M, Total 130 kW @ 1500 rpm, running on GO, driving 1 propeller
Steering: 2 x RUDDER
Deck Equipment: Hydraulic winch (aft) (#1) –, 1 small drum
Anchoring winch (fwd) (#1) - 1 anchoring Wire, wheels, 1 Anchor2 warping heads.
Towing hook (aft) (#1) with quick-release.
Navigation Equipment: 1 Compass / 1 Echo-sounder
Communication Equipment: 2 VHF systems, SAILOR.
Electrical System: 24 V DC.
Power delivery: 2 generator sets, MWM D 232 V 08.
Accommodation: Total 2 people

She’s reported to be in perfect running condition / Location: Northern Europe


All details are given in good faith and are believed to be accurate but no warranty of accuracy or completeness or suitability for purpose is either stated or implied.

Serious inquiries, please contact us.




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