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Vessel Reference Code: STS1105

Vessel Type: Gearless Container Vessel


ONE hatch BOX holds 482 TEU
DWAT 5,910 MT on 6.35 M ssw draft
built 03/1996 Madenci Gemi Sayanii, Turkey
LOA 100.00 M
Beam 17.40 M
hold / hatch 2 / 1
hatch covers Macgregor folding + Pontoon
hold 1 - 37.80 X 13.20 M BOXED
hold 2 - 25.00 X 13.20 M BOXED
grain/bale  250,000 cubic feet
electrical ventilation
nominal 482 TEU
homo 281 TEU
Reefers 50
GRAIN FITTED --- can trade bulk cargoes
2-STROKE B&W 7S35MC 4,899 kW @ 170rpm
IFO380CST burner
shaft generator

Inspection : European Atlantic range
Delivery : European Atlantic range

All details are given in good faith but without guarantee.

Please contact us for serious inquiries.



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