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This particular vessel is no longer available HOWEVER we have other similar vessels that may suit your needs. Please fill up the contact form and tell us what you require and we will do our best to find your ship!

Vessel Reference Code: STLS1185

Vessel Type: Geared RoLo Vessel

Geared Multi Purpose Ro-Lo box-shaped tween-single decker with stern ramp, strengthened for heavy cargo and fully fitted for carriage for containers.


Built 1985 Germany eng-bridge aft
bowthruster fitted (340 KW)
Germanischer Lloyd GL+100 A5E +MC E AUT
Valid until 31st January 2015

116,50 m-
Lbp 107,27 m-beam 19,60 m

7,130 DWT on abt 6,15 m ssw draft even keel
abt 312.624 cbft bale capacity

1 hold - 1 hatch
Hatch dimensions :
about 76,55 m x 15,20 m
Hatchcover type:
vsl has 12 hatchcover pontoons

Pontoon 1+2 - folding type - Pontoon 3 to 12 - single pontoons to open pair wise by either vessel’s or by shore crane.

Cranes: 2 electr-hydr cranes - each mounted on one-sided posts portside of
35 mt each basis abt 19,00 m outreach,respectively
Cranes are combinable upto max 70 MTONS

Container intake:
558 units 20-8-8"6"
homogenous intake:
412 teu basis 14 mt
Reefer capacity:
30 reefer points (female) - 440 v-60
Stern ramp (watertight):length incl. flaps :
13,00 m
lane breadth :
6,50 m clear passage height : 5,50 m
Deck ramp (passage to weatherdeck)
Length :
8,15 m -lane breadth : 6,50 m-max. lane breadth : 8,00 m
Ramp capacity:
Total permissible weight - 100 mt (basis ramp laid down on quay)

Vessel is fitted with shaft generator (abt 500 kva), no gasoil at sea except when reefer containers carried or hold ventilation being used


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Vessel loaded with trucks

Side of the vessel, loaded with cargoes



Deck Loaded with Cars



Geared Rolo Vessel on the sea

Side of the vessel

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