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Floating Fish Processors For Sale

Floating Fish Processors

Floating Processors for Sale

Tell Us Your application and we will do our best to provide a solution to your Offshore Seafood Processing needs.

Floating Fish Processors are versatile Factory Mother Ships or Accommodation Work Barges fitted with a wide variety of Seafood Factory Processing Equipment, worker accommodations, offices, emergency medical facilities, fresh water makers, communications stations, fishing vessel supplies and storage facilities. They have the advantage of mobility over their land based counterparts and are able to move with the fishing seasons and market advantages brought about by changes in fish stocks, commercial demands or an unfavorable political climate.

Sometimes called Mother ships as they may provide all kinds of essential services to a fleet of smaller catcher boats, these floating processors process all kinds of wild and farm raised fish, crustaceans and Aquatic plant stocks around the world.

Floating processors are often times Large Fishing Trawler Factory Ships no longer actively fishing themselves, converted to Processing Mother Ships, Offshore accommodation barges converted from construction applications to fish processing or custom "Purpose Built" Floating Seafood Processing Plants.