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Floating Cranes For Sale

1. MCB3392 Accommodation Work _  Crane Barge thumbnail Floating Crane with Electro-Hydraulic Thumbnail
Ocean-Going Multi Purpose MCB3392 Floating Crane TFC3436 for Sale Floating Crane DLFC#781 Floating Crane JFC1530
Self-Propelled Crane Barge JFC1531 Self Propelled Floating Crane Code:STC1593 New Build, Self-Propelled Floating Crane, Code:JFC1549 Floating Crane CLFC#745

Floating cranes, also called crane ships or crane vessels, are ships designed to lift heavy loads. Large floating cranes are used in offshore construction. They are also very useful in constructing bridges and ports.

Need a floating crane? Tell us your exact needs. We'll be glad to help.





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