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Vessel Reference Code: AGS#486

Vessel Type: RORO Passenger Ferry

Sub-Type: Lloyds +100A1 Ice Class III

Ice Class RORO Passenger Ferry AGS#486

 Built: 1979 (Japan), Converted 1996
DWT: 4013
GT: 18653
NT: 5595
Class: LLoyds +100A1 RoRo Pass Ferry - iceclass III
  Solas 90 1 compartment, Stockholm Agreement 4m sign. waves
LOA: 150.02
Beam: 23.90
Speed: aboutt 16 knots
Main Engines: 2 x  brand new Sulzer engines - type 8ZA 40S, 8
Cylinder in-line, output 2 x 6000 kw /510 - 530 rpm)
Two CCP/twin rudders
Shaft alernators: 2 x 920 kw
Bow thrusters:  2 x 596 kw, 1 x 1270 kw direct driven by one Caterpillar
Fin stabilizers: Denny Brown
Stern Azimuth: 1 x KaMeVa 1050 kw
Fire fighting vehicle decks  - drencher systems, machinery spaces CO2
Lanemeters: 1934 
Stern ramp:  length 11,5m, width 7,55-8,50m - fixed ramp from maindeck to upper deck, clear width 3,0 m - fixed ramp from upper deck to wdeck.
Stern door: clear height 5m
Free heights: Wdeck 5,20m (under accom)
Upper deck 5.0m
Maindeck 5.0m
Passenger cap:  110 beds in 55 cabins - presently have pax cap of 210 total
one compartment vessel. Paxcap might be increased upto 300.
Bar, lounge, restaurant, Shop, Info/reception desk

 All details are given in good faith but without guarantee.

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RORO Passenger Ferry AGS#486

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