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Vessel Reference Code: AGS#470

Vessel Type: Catamaran

Sub Type: Passenger Ferry


Overall length:
34,50 m
Molded breadth:
10,50 m
Molded depth:
6,25 m
3,00 m
Fuel capacity:
80 m3
Fresh water capacity:
103 m3
Oil capacity:
2 m3
Waste tank:
1,5 m3
Polluted tank:
7 m3
Main engines power:
2x1000 HP
Maximum speed:
13,5 Knots
Cruiser speed:
10 Knots
363 pers.
7 pers.
Displacement (estimated):
284 Tons
Main Engines:
two CATERPILLAR 3412E of 1000 hp / 2100 rpm each
TWIN DISC MG 5202 SC, ratio 3.48:1

Propulsion Shafting and Propulsion:
two oil submerged propulsion shaft lines with Simplex type seals.
The shaft material is SAE 1040 steel and they rest on brass bush with Babbitt bearings.
The vessel has two three-blade fixed pitch propeller, made of high quality brass.

Two CATERPILLAR generator sets of 100 KVA, 220/380V 50 Hz have been installed, one in each engine room.

Ballast and Fire Protection System:
The catamaran has five pumps: Two ballast pumps of 70m3/h driven by the main engines, two fire fighting pumps (electrical pumps) of 60m3/h to 40 mca.
All these pumps are connected to a manifold from which any kind of combination can be done.
The 5th is a motor pump of 60 m3 to 40 mca, which is installed in a special place, far from the engine rooms.
This pump can work either on its own or in series with the others.
The piping is made with welded Schedule 80 tubes joined with flanges.

Fresh Water System:
The ship has an automatic pump which works with level differences. This pump drives the fresh water to the upper tanks (on the upper deck) wherefrom all consumers are supplied.
The piping is made with thermo fusion system, except in the engine rooms where it is made of threaded iron tubes.

Polluted Water System:
The polluted water is driven to a specially designed stainless steel tanks and from there to a TIDAL WAVE marine sanitation device situated below the master stateroom.
All the toiletes are HEADHUNTER Royal Flash Hidro-Vac
The piping is made with welded Schedule 80 tubes joined with flanges.

Fuel System:
The catamaran has an electrical fuel pump connected to a manifold from which it is able to pass gas-oil from one tank to another.
The system has an ALFA-LAVAL MIB 303 Separation System, and a set of Racor filters on each of the engines suctions.

Steering Gear System:
The vessel has two steering gear, each one can be driven by two different sources.
The main system is an electro hydraulic pump, commanded from the wheelhouse by means of a joystick
The emergency system is a hydraulic pump driven by the main engines
The emergency system works automatically when the main system is interrupted.
Both rudders can be operated in synchronism or separately.

Electronic navigation equipment:
one 120 miles and one 48 miles radars
one satellite navigator GPS with plotter
one automatic pilot
one color echo sounder
one EPIRB ACR-460
Two VHF radios
Two BLU radios
one General Call System
one magnetic compass, a barometer, a inclinometer, a clear view
8 Security cameras
Full entertainment equipment: 2 Dual VHS/DVD players, 2 CD Players, 2 amplifiers, 8 TV and LCD on the passengers decks, mixers, microphones, etc

Fire protection system:
A CO2 fixed central for each engine room
A set of Smoke and Heat detectors (all compartments)
Water sprinkler in all passengers decks
The pumps indicated in 7.1.
Seven fire valves with their respective hoses
24 portables extinguishers
An automated fire detection system is installed with smoke detectors throughout the vessel.

Life Saving Equipment:
Two sets of three liferafts for 65 persons each one, and 2 toboggans as evacuation equipament per side.

Vessel ready for immediate inspection and delivery.

All details are given in good faith BWG.

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General Arrangement Plan