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Vessel reference ID: MRB3257

Fast Advanced Life Support Vessel for Sale

Image of Fast Advance Life Support Vessel in Action

Fast Advanced Life Support Vessel (F.A.L.S.) is a custom built vessel. This 1st in class solution brings together a high performance vessel with excellent sea keeping abilities and cutting edge medical technologies.
The medical design team has 60 years combined field experience which has been showcased in this vessel with a focus on user workflow, patient comfort and cutting edge technology. All aspects of the medical layout design has been tailored around the patient and ease of use for the medical crew.

The State of the Art Medical Devices used are able to transmit patient information like ECG and Vital signs data to the nearest hospital, allowing specialists to be able to consult with their emergency teams in real time should a medical emergency event occur.
All devices run off 220v supply allowing extended working hours in difficult to reach areas and additional 10hrs on battery operations. The vessel can carry an additional 10 pax for search and rescue operations.

Emergency Equipments and Apparatus

Key Features Include

  • Easy Patient Loading
  • User friendly workflow
  • Portable medical solution
  • Large air conditioned cabin 220v AC power outlets at head side and equipment storage cupboards.
  • WC Collapsible medical equipment and stowaways
  • Optimized storage areas
  • Excellent sea keeping ability
  • Extended medical and vessel endurance

Blueprint of the vessel

Vessel Specification
10.0 m
3.5 m
5300 kg
Service Speed:
28 knots
Sprint Speed:
40 knots
Critical Medical Passengers:
Search and Rescue:
16 heads

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The vessel is capable of transferring two simultaneous patients with three crew on board, with special attention been added to the of fixed medical benches as opposed to emergency stretches which are typically found in ambulances and not suited for marine applications.

The importance of workflow around the patient once on board for the emergency personal and care givers. The seating arrangement having the dual purpose patient bench or can be used for additional seating arrangement allowing for emergency rescue operations.

Special importance is given to the aspects of simplicity and robustness with fixed patient benches, foldaway equipment trays, floating spine boards, best in class emergency equipment able to transfer patient data from the vessel to hospital

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