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This particular vessel is no longer available HOWEVER we have other similar vessels that may suit your needs. Please fill up the contact form and tell us what you require and we will do our best to find your ship!

Vessel Reference Code: FMD#793

Vessel Type: New Build Dredger For Sale

Sub Type: Cutter Head Dredger For Sale


Year Built:
New Build
Total Length:
36.0 m ()
Hull Length:
25.0 m()
Hull Depth:
1.8 m ()
Hull Width:
6.0 m ()
Main Engine:
540 kW (720 hp);generating unit attached
Auxiliary Engine:
24 kW generating unit
Cutterhead Diameter:
1.5 m ()
Pump Discharge Diameter:
300 mm
Pump Suction Diameter:
350 mm
2000 m3/h
Spud pile:
450 mm; two (2) units; 16m/unit
Hydraulic Winch:
3 units
Navigation Ability:
Operation System:
PLC Control System and Hydraulic (OMRON - German Brand)
Spare Parts:
Diesel engine tools, oilseal, electric welder, etc.; 70 items total

All details are given in good faith BWG.

Price: USD $635,000