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Vessel Reference Code: STLS1169

Vessel Type: Derrick Pipe Laying Barge

New Build, Pipe-Laying, Shallow Water Barge


Length overall (LOA): 169m
Length between perpendiculars (LPP): 165m
Breadth (molded): 46m
Depth molded: 13.5m
Operating Draft: 7-9m
Scantling Draft: 9m
Full Load Displacement: 62,000MT
GRT: 41,000
Ballast Capacity: 34,673MT
Fuel Oil Capacity: 4,038MT
Fresh Water: 2,632MT
Structure Load in Main Dk Loading Area: 10MT/m2
Other area: 5MT/m2
On Pipe Laying Line Top Deck: 5MT/m2


4 x Generators STX Korea MAN B&W 8L 27/38  
Switchboard: SaierNico Electric Co.,Ltd made in China
Transformer: Haitian Electric Co.,Ltd


12 positional anchor winches driven by frequency conversion.
The positional anchor winches will be operated either locally or remotely at a centralized control station installed in the CCR.
The main performance parameters of the positional anchor winches as follows:
Diameter of galvanized wire rope: Φ76mm
Duty pull: 1100kN (at mid layer)
Mooring speed: abt. 24m/min (at 1100kN)
Holding load: 3800kN (at 3RD layer)
Drum capacity: 3000m


Barge is installed a 3000t (when at fixed) or 2000t (when at rotary) marine engineering hoister.
Hoist is driven by electric power supplied by generators.

Main claw completely rotary

Safty working load x working radius: 2000 mt @ 35m
Main deck jacking height when least working radius:  > 80m
Most working load hoisting speed: 0 - 1.5 m/min
Part load hoisting speed: 0 - 3 m/min

Main claw (no back line) fixed aft hoister

Safty working load x working radius: 3000 mt @ 30m
When 35 m working radius, deck hoisting hight:  > 80m
Most working load hoisting speed: 1.5 - 3 m/min
Part load hoisting speed: 0 - 3 m/min
Hook most entrance depth/ safty working load: 5m/3000 mt

Auxiliary claw

Safty working load x working radius: 600 mt @ 60m
When least working radius , main deck hoisting height:  > 80m
Most load hoisting speed: 0 - 10 m/min
Hook most entrance depth/safty working load: 150m/600 mt

Deck Crane

Hydraulic and electric control: 50T*28M/20T*40M

Pipelaying System

Pipe Laying System: Starboard mounted single joint S-lay system
Depth laying: 300m
Capacity: 4" 48" diameter pipe
Maximum external diameter: 60 inch
Tensioner: 2 tensioners, 100 T each
Davits: Five (5) mounted with load cells at starboard stored on board ,capacity 30 t each

Owners can arrange LONG TERM FINANCING  for upto   50%   of the purchase price of US$173.0 Million subject uncommitted.


All details are given in good faith but without guarantee.

Please contact us for serious inquiries.




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Self Propelled Barge 12k dwt JSPB3488
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Barge HZS#212
Barge SVS#860
Barge SVS#861
Flat Top Barge MVS#981
2 Deck Barge Package MVS#982
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Barge ZZS#909
Split Hopper Barge OIS#726
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Self-Propeled Mini Barge For Sale
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Flat Top Deck Cargo Barge ITS1023
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Barge SIB1537
Deck Cargo Barge SVS1087
Barge SIB1538
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Tug & Barge Combination STLS1099
Deck Barge ZZS1120
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Flat Top Barge STLS1161
Derrick Pipe Laying Barge STLS1169
Self-Propelled Hopper/Cargo Barge STLS1175
Self-Propelled Split Hopper Barge MWS1178
New Build Self-Propelled Deck Barge MWS1181
3 Units Self-Propelled Deck Barges MWS1186
Self-Propelled Deck Barge DVS1192
3 Units 2500 DWT Self-Propelled Deck Barge MWS1200
Super Piling Barge STLS1205
2 Units Hold Barges with Cranes and Grabs DLS1212
3 Sets of Tug and Deck Barge ITS1214
Self-Propelled Barge MWS1226
Deck Barge STLS1257
Self Propelled Deck Barge MWS1281
Deck Barge STLS1293
Deck Barge MWS1295
2 Units New Build Flat Top Deck Barges STLS1334
10,000 DWT Deck Barge MWS1342
2 Units Deck Barges STLS1350
Deck Barge STLS1355
Pipe Laying Barge STLS1360
2 x 250 Ft. Deck Barges ITS1362
30,000 Barrel Double Hull Fuel Barge JRS1363
Modern Pipe-Laying Barge STLS1380
Self-Propelled Barge STLS1388
Oil Barge STLS1389
50 TBP Tug STLS1391
Self-Propelled 200 Ton Crane Barge STLS1392
210-Foot Ballastable Deck Barge ZZS1395
Flat Top Deck Cargo Barge STLS1407e
Deck Barge SYS1416
Self-Propelled Deck Barge STLS1417
Self-Propelled Barge AGS1426
Non-Self-Propelled Split-Hopper Barge OIS1433
5300 DWT Self-Propelled Barge JFS1448
Modern ~Double Hulled ~ Self Propelled Bunker Barge JVT1634
10000 DWT Self-Propelled Barge SQS2000
Self Propelled Barge (BV) SPB3082


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