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Sorry She is Sold


This particular vessel is no longer available HOWEVERwe have other similar vessels that may suit your needs. Please fill out the contact form and tell us what you require and we will do our best to find your ship!





Vessel Reference Code: TKB#787

Vessel Type: Waste Oil Holding Barge for sale

Sub Type: SWOB - Ship Waste Off-Loading Barge

Built: 1986

All Steel

Full Load Displacement: 394 tons

Light Load Displacement: 100 tons

Capacity: 294 tons

LOA: 106’ ft.

Breadth: 26’ ft. 

Max Loaded Draft: 6’2” ft.

Auxiliary Engines /Generators:

Fuel Oil Tanks: Yes

Pump House: Yes

Other Equipment: Pump and Auxiliary Engine have been removed but all plumbing, manifolds, fuel tanks, exhaust etc. are present in pump house and ready for new installation.

Notes: SWOB- Ship Waste Off-Loading Barge, (10 Class)
The SWOB Ship Waste Off-Loading barges are designed as inshore waste oil barges and can take waste oil off ships or oil spills for discharge at designated facilities. They were designed for use in the Navy's Pollution Abatement Program and assigned to NAVFAC.

Oil Ship Waste Offload Barge (SWOB);
Operation and Maintenance Book MO 909

Vessel is ready for immediate inspection and delivery!

All details given in good faith BWG.

Price: USD $155,000.

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