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Vessel Reference Code: SLZ1009

Vessel Type: 6,000 BHP DP2 Offshore Oil Platform Supply Vessel

The sea-going PSV with steel hull in accordance with CCS classification of ships specifications and rules was constructed of CCS classification society surveyor under the supervision of the ship construction design, from the drawings review, application approval, building ,launching , sea trial , delivery, and so on with a period of 12 months, the delivery time in the March 2010.

Main parameters

6000HP offshore supply vessels engaged in oil platform supply oil \drinking water\cement powder \drilling water \carriage of goods on deck\ platform guard\ towing\ unmoor\fire-fighting\salvation\ dynamic positioning of vel.

Classification society: CCS
Navigation areas: International infinite navigation areas
Ship type: offshore oil platform vel ( 3 use)

  1. Profiles of ship
    1. External fire CCS classification level
      The discharge capacity of 1200M3?2 water cannon, automatic control system for the navigation bridge operation The discharge capacity of 300 M3 foam artillery automatic control system for the navigation bridge operation
    2. The displacement of 600 M3 displacement external fire protection to its own security protection watercurtain equipment, motor vehicles with fuel control system.
    3. There are external assistance installations.
    4. There are rope towing machine, sharks and stalls sell towing capabilities control system for the navigation bridge operation
    5. There is DPII-class ship dynamic positioning device.
    6. There are the water supply, fuel equipment.
    7. There are automatic loading and unloading of bulk cement, the electric system.
    8. Has the loading and unloading, cleaning the automated system for navigation bridge operation.
  2. 6000HP offshore oil platform PSV main technical specifications and data:

The ship to the total length 67.00M
65.85M boot topping long
breadth 16.00M
unload draught 4.20M
Overload draught 5.30M
GT of 2075T
NT 622T

displacement 4070.47T
ice class strengthening : Grade B
Speed 13-14K
Crew 30
CCS infinite navigation areas

M/E: model G8300ZC30B 2206KW?2, rpm 600
China Ningbo China strategic diesel engine manufacturing company
Clutch: model GCC590  rate 3: 1 gearbox manufacturing Hangzhou, China
Propeller adjustable: model MCP82-C made in Shanghai, China
Bow thrust: model TT130-CP?2- made in Shanghai, China
Tail thrust: model TT130CP?1- made in Shanghai, China
Diesel power generation unit:
Diesel engine model 28170ZD-1?2, 1000rpm ,440KW ,ZIBO diesel engine plant manufacturing in China
Generator: model 400GF?2, Siemens ,400KW, 450V,rated current 642A, bushless voltage adjustment automatic protection level IP23.
Axis generator: model IPC2454-4SB42?2, 1000KVA, 400V,1443A, insualtion
H-level, 50 Hz, 150 rpm

Ship dynamic positioning device (import)
650KN bollard  towing power, dual-roller tugboat sprocket on both ends of cable towing machine, 300KN shark clamp and block, navigation bridge operation
External fire pump flow 1200 M3?2 ,lift160M , navigation bridge operation.
External fire monitor flow capacity: 1200 M3?2 , pressure 14KG, gunshot 110M
with a static wind, navigation bridge operation.
The flow of external foam gun, with a range of 300 M3N , gunshot 80 m, navigation bridge operation
hydraulic crane for life : 2 tons

Rescue: rescue boat, with the landing device.

170 M3 cement tank , 42.5 M3?4 automatic loading and unloading system, navigation bridge operation
The proportion of cement slurry tank capacity 2.8T/M3 about 300 M3 handling systems for the navigation bridge operation

Drinking water tank capacity 100% fully about 462 M3
Fuel tank capacity is 100% fully about 871 M3
drilling ballast water tank capacity is 100% about 656 M3
Main deck cargo area of about 440 M2
Main deck capacity is about 500-900T
Main deck load pressure about 5T/m2
Endurance :10000 n. miles, about 35 days at service speed

All details are given in good faith but without guarantee.

Please contact us for serious inquiries.


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